Specialty Packages

To book one of our exclusive specialty packages, please send us an email or call us (805)-450-0724.

The Force Academy

60 minutes


This package includes:

- Two Galactic Hero characters of your choice

- A Galactic Master to assist

- Build-your-own-Saber craft (10-12 guests)

- The Force Academy Interactive Show (10-12 guests):

Learn to use the Force and train with a Galactic Master in the ways of the Light Side!  The Master will walk each child through all the moves, until a surprise villain from the Dark Side invades the scene.  The students will battle against the villain, using what they have learned from their Master.  It is up to them to defeat the Dark Side and conquer the forces of evil!


- Meet & Greet with the guests

- Music to create the atmosphere, and for an added magical touch

*10-12 guests



60 minutes



This package is perfect for large events, corporate gatherings, and even birthday parties!  Your business can also choose to sponsor this package, and our princesses will give the performance in McEuen Park.

Add another princess for $65.

This package includes:

- Three Princesses of your choice


- A helper to assist

- Meet & Greet with all the attendees

- Princess Sing-Along Interactive Show:

Sing-Along with the princesses as they perform your favorite songs -- LIVE!  Depending on the princesses chosen, each one will sing two familiar favorites from their story, as they invite you to sing, dance, and play along with us!


- Themed Princess stickers for all guests


- Sound system with background music

For Your Event



per hour

If you have a public event (i.e. festival, convention, etc) and would like our characters to make an appearance for Meet & Greets and guest interactions, then this is the package for you!

This package includes:

- 1 hour* with ONE character of your choice


*Our standard booking time slot for public events is 1 hour, and if you need the character(s) to appear for a longer duration, please feel free to contact us

- Meet & Greet with all the attendees (themed photo backdrop included)

- Music to create the atmosphere, and for an added magical touch

We serve Coeur d'Alene, Spokane and the surrounding area, making sure to bring the most magical experience possible to you.  

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*Dreams Are Forever Events is an independent company and is not associated with, affiliated with, or licensed by the Walt Disney Company.  It is not the intention of Dreams Are Forever Events to violate any copyright, trademark, or licensing laws.  All characters and names are in the public domain.  Anyone who fails to understand this will not be allowed to book with us.

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