Our Characters

View our lineup of over 50 characters, and give your next celebration a touch of magic.

Fairytale Characters:

 Ice Spirit Queen

 Snow Princess

Happy Snowman


 Bayou Princess 

Princess Beauty

 Scottish Princess 

Snow White

Arabian Princess

Kingdom Thief

Tinker Fairy

Garden Fairy

Animal Fairy

The Beast

Jolly Nanny

Fairy Godmother

The Little Mermaid

Island Princess

Sleeping Beauty

Latina Princess


Teen Alchemist

Neverland Boy

Light Fairy

Fairy Mary

Alice In Wonderland



Spider Hero

Widow Hero


Wonder Hero

America's Captain

Marvelous Captain

Black Cat

Bat Hero

Spider-Verse Hero

Frightful Friends:

Mistress Of Evil


Southern Isles Prince

Miss DeVil

The Sea Witch

Evil Queen

The Shadow Man

Ugly Stepsisters

Witchy Sisters

Pumpkin King

Boogey Man

Fairest Daughter

Queen of Mean

Frankenstein Doll

Dragon Daughter

Undersea Daughter

Son of Beast

Wizards & Witches:

 The Boy Who Lived 

 Loony Luna 

 Brightest Witch 

Black Witch 

Galactic Heroes:

The Scavenger

Ren Warrior


Green Witch

Pink Witch

We are continually adding new characters to our lineup all the time,

so stay tuned for more familiar faces joining us soon!