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The Magicians

Meet Talison and Abby, magic extraordinaires!


In old Victorian London, an excellent magician by the name of Talison Lockley Ward, and his whip-smart assistant

Abigail Constance Moore, accidentally discovered a magical pocket watch -- with the ability to travel through time!

 Talison and Abby traveled all the way to the present day...and to Dreams Are Forever Events, where they've been stirring up mind-boggling magic and exciting performances ever since!

Invite our Magicians Talison and Abby to your next party or event to bring to life a show that you'll never forget, with incredible magic tricks that will leave you speechless, and a story so compelling that you'll want to join these two characters on their wonderous adventures through time!

Book two characters for twice the fun!   Find out more about our different party package options:

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